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What is FundRecover’s goal?

  • To give the professionalism needed to take the battle forward against the online investment who wreak havoc and destruction upon individuals throughout the world.

What does FundRecover specialize in?

  • As a team of professionals and lawyers, we know the financial trading world from the inside out. We take our experience and give our clients the maximum chance to recover their funds with help from the enabling institutions.

What We Need?

  • We will need their company or trading information such as Locations, Address, Register License Number, Owner's Name, Trading Location and any type of company document or information in order for us to investigate and recover your lost funds.

How your claim process works?

  • Once you have filed your consultation request via the online forms on our website, your claim will be analyzed and assessed by our experts. Based on our assessment we and our attorneys will develop the best strategy to recover your funds.

How long it will take for me recover my lost money?

  • It will take about 1 - 3 business days for us to investigate and completely recover your lost funds.

Is there any fee to file a dispute to recover my money?

  • Yes, our recovering fee is only $45 for each dispute you have file with us.

Can you recover money from non registered hyip company?

  • We are sorry to inform that we cannot recover money from non registered hyip company unless you have their company or trading informations.

Is there any guaranteed that my money will be recover?

  • We cannot 100% guaranteed that your money will be recover but at least you will have 95% chances to get all your money back.

Why it takes so long to recover my money?

  • Please be advise that recover your lost money is not easy as you think. It requires lots of hard work and time to investigate to successfully recover your lost money from scam or dishonest hyip.

Will you refund my $45 fee in case the money failed to be recover?

  • Yes, according to our agreement in case we are unable or failed to recover your lost funds we will refund your $45 fee.

What type of payment fees method do you accept?

How many people has FundRecover helped?

  • Not as many as we need to! If you have friends, family or associates who have lost funds, please have them contact us for a free consultation today.

I have a question that is not listed here?

  • You can contact us directly at: [email protected]
    Our representatives will get back to you as quickly as possible to assist you further.